Nicole Pakan is an artist and writer living and creating in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She spends her free time in her art studio, her garden, crafting poetry and flash fiction, or heading out to enjoy Edmonton’s fantastic theatre or the burgeoning culinary scenes.

Encaustic on panel, 9“x12”, 2014

Upcoming Appearances


Art Walk 2015

Nicole will be participating in the Whyte Avenue Art Walk, July 10-12, 2014, from 10 am to 5 pm daily.

She will be located in Section D in front of Ten Thousand Villages See location on google maps.

The Art Walk is like a 4 kilometer long outdoor gallery, featuring hundreds of local and visiting artists. You will see many artists at work, and have a chance to ask questions and learn more about contemporary art in Edmonton. For more information about the event, and to learn more about the artists visit the Art Walk website