Nicole Pakan

Artist & Writer

The Artist


I am and Edmonton-based artist and writer and an active member of the local creative communities. Over the years, I have worked in many diverse visual media, including encaustic, acrylic, ink, printmaking, photography, and claywork. I write in both a professional and creative capacity and have two published chapbooks of poetry. 


I currently specialize in encaustic painting and enjoy finding ways to incorporate a wide array of media into my pieces. Dry organic materials, metals and vibrant pigments often find a home among the many layers of wax. The unique properties of encaustic allow me to create unusual textures and colour layering that would not be possible with any other kind of paint.


I take joy in experimenting with new methods, and continue to push the limits of the materials available to me.

The Art


In simple terms, encaustic is painting with melted wax. Encaustic medium is made from beeswax, dammar resin, and pigment. The resin is an important ingredient as it increases the melting temperature of the wax and increases the hardness and durability of the painting.


To paint with wax, an artist must heat the encaustic medium to within the ideal temperature range. Too hot and it burns, too cool and it becomes difficult to create a smooth surface. Although, an artist may choose to work with cooler wax to create interesting textures.


The semi-transparent quality of wax allows me to build layers which create depth and increase the visual complexity of the work.