Artist & Writer

Nicole Pakan

  • Buffing, Framing, & Quietly Freaking Out

    Well, at least the first two are true. The third is more like waffling between complete confidence and last minute panic about getting all of my work prepped and ready to go for Art Walk. Last night I took a visual inventory and was pretty happy about how everything looks so far — the pieces that have been cleaned up and are ready to go out on the town. I have also been photographing my new work, so it will be appearing a few pieces at a time on my website and various social media. 

    Now if only the weather would cooperate…fingers crossed!


  • Whyte Avenue Art Walk: 2016

    Once again I will be participating in the Art Walk — an outdoor studio and exhibit with a fantastically diverse selection of work. I will be set up in front of Ten Thousand Villages at 10432 - 82 avenue, from 10am-5pm, July 8-10. Come say hello and check out my art in person! 

    This is a great opportunity to get to check out some of the different styles of art available in Edmonton, and in many cases to purchase original art at affordable prices. You can walk along the ave, talk to local artists, and even stop for a beverage or two along the way.

    For more information about the event, and to learn more about the other artists, visit the Whyte Avenue Art Walk website