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Nicole Pakan


    Tales from the Hive: V1-1

    One of my favorite times of year is an encaustic retreat that I attend just outside of Seattle at a place called Dumas Bay. Before I discovered Encausticamp, I had never in my life had the pleasure of spending a week with such a welcoming, inspiring and downright awesome group of people. Although the attendance shifts from year to year, the collaborative and supportive culture does not. I am lucky to have found my tribe—even if it crosses time zones and vast distances, and I only see these folks in person once per year.

    But what do you do there? you might ask. The focus of the week is encaustic…anything and everything that can be used in conjunction with this dynamic medium. This year I attended workshops that encouraged experimentation with dye, tar, combustibles, resin, and intuitive painting. I also had the benefit of taking a strategic planning session that will help me grow my art career.

    Over the next week I will share some snap shots of my week in the hive.


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