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Nicole Pakan



    Tales from the Hive: V1-4 Asphalt

    One of the things I admire about Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch is her bravery. Over the course of her encaustic career she has taken experimentation to whole new levels. She has made it her life’s work to reach, teach and inspire those around her, and share her experiences with her students and peers.  

    One example I’d like to talk about today is incorporating atypical materials into art. In this example, Trish took asphalt patching medium (that’s right, the stuff you’d use to repair a leaky roof) and used it with her encaustic—with rich results.

    This medium is water based asphalt, with sandy inclusions, and has a rich brown hue when it dries. You can use it as a base layer, or between layers of wax. You can smear it, rub it into tool marks, or trowel it on in textured peaks. Here are some examples of how I have started working with asphalt.






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